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HTTP://WWW.COMOPUEDODEJARDEFUMAR.COM Si se inscribe (gratuitamente) tendrá acceso a interesante información y consejos para dejar de fumar. Con la inscripción le enviaran un LIBRO DIGITAL totalmente GRATUITO sobre una impresionante TÉCNICA PARA DEJAR DE FUMAR. Espero que les sirva ——————- Muchas gracias !!!  

StockBase POS para dueños de empresas.

StockBase POS cambiara la forma en que administra tu empresa. Hemos descubierto algo de mucho interés para dueños de empresas. Se trata de un sistema informático que hace maravillas para las empresas en crecimiento.  Nosotros lo estamos usando y podemos dar fe, de que es, en realidad un programa que te ayuda administrar sabiamente tu… Leer más »

BigDog the Robotic dog handles heavy objects.

The future is here. Meet BigDog the Robotic dog. BigDog is a robotic dog that can handles heavy objects. The goal is to use the strength of the legs and torso to help power motions of the arm. This sort of dynamic, whole-body approach to manipulation is used routinely by human athletes and will enhance… Leer más »

Facebook engineer’s computers been hacked.

The attack was discovered when a suspicious domain was detected in Facebook’s Domain Name Service request logs. According to Sullivan, the requests were tracked back to the laptop of a facebook engineer working on mobile application development projects. Read More…

Beyonce Super Bowl was Bootylicious.

Beyoncé’s knack for knowing exactly where the camera was and exactly which hot look, wink or kiss to blow was pretty stunning every time. Read more about Beyonce Super Bowl   Beyonce Live Performance @ The 2013 Super 47 ( XLVII) Halftime Show Ft Destiny’s Child     Uploaded by x17ron9x Beyonce Live Performance @ The… Leer más »

How Facebook platform policies work?

You may not use Facebook Platform to export user data Facebook has updated one section of its platform policies to specify that apps connecting to Facebook must let users “easily share their experiences back with people on Facebook.” The app also cannot mimic Facebook or use its data without permission. Read more …

Destiny’s Child Nuclear – 2013 Brand New Song – Video

New song by Destiny’s Child Nuclear Co-written by Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams with James Fauntleroy and Lonny Bereal, the track offers a throwback to those ‘90s R&B grooves that will satisfy purists of the genre – especially those missing the honey-dipped harmonies the trio perfected.  “You had your dreams / And I had mine… Leer más »

Professional Security DVR at a low price.

Security DVR – CCTV DVR Are you looking for a good quality, professional Security DVR? We are going to recommend you the best site to get affordable CCTV DVR, Security DVR, and any security video surveillance products you may need to protect your home or business. They carry everything from Security Cameras, CCTV Monitors, Video… Leer más »