Magicjack expert trying to help a customer.

This is the second chat with Magicjack. After waiting more then 24 hours, days, weeks, nothing happen, There is nothing these Magic Jack guys can do to help you. Here is my second Chat about an issue I reported a few days before. Please wait for a site operator to respond. You are now chatting… Leer más »

Raul Peña, Adt Security Service, rip off warning

Watch out for this guy Raul Peña from Adt Security Service located at 930 Riverview Dr, Ste 800, Totowa, NJ 07512 Cell: 201-588-0027 he will come to your new business and promise you free installation, free six month cancellation money back guarantees  if your not satisfied, no contract. He will even write it down by… Leer más »

MagicJack call fowarding feature not available, just another ripoff.

About 8 month ago I did pay for my 5 year subscription plan, I’m so upset to see I’m not getting calls in my cell phone anymore, Guess what? MajicJack call forwarding has been removed from the calls features.  MagicJack  will start  loosing lots of loyal customers. I just find out about this terrible issue… Leer más »

This is my Name…I don’t hide. FOR WHAT!!!

I don’t care! Forward this to Ben, Pam and Ivette. I don’t care if you’re reading this or not. FORWARD IT NOW NOT LATER!  I DARE YOU! SUPER DARE!  TRIPLE DARE! TRUTH OR DARE!  I’m giving you TRUTH! Look, I Strongly Recommend to “ALL REMAINING WORBUCKS AGENTS” to call the Real Estate Commission on what to… Leer más »

Google Glass Critics

Everyone has an opinion about Google Glass. Some fears are justified since, as a culture, we don’t have a pristine history of social etiquette always catching up to technology (see: loud-mouth cellphone users). But, as XKCD points out, this doesn’t absolve us of the right to say something intelligent and offer a reasonable path forward… Leer más »

Facebook making money from mobile advertising.

According to Facebook, it generated mobile advertising revenue of almost $375m, during the period, up from nearly $330m in the previous three months and approximately $150m in the three months to 30 September 2012. Read more at BBC News

Foto de la barriguita de Kim Kardashian.

La nueva foto de la barriguita de Kim Kardashian mueve las redes sociales.  Kim Kardashian mostró una preciosa foto en su cuenta en Instagram y mostró su bella barriga al desnudo, dando una nueva faceta de su embarazo.

Best Seo Services at very low prices.

Professional seo services Do you have a website in oblivion?  Or Are you ready to build a new website? If you answer  is “yes”, we want you to know about the best Seo Services for your website.  PC Generate will help you grow your site fast, from Seo Services Cyprus, backlinks, Directory Submission, Website Builder… Leer más »