La compañía Samsung agranda su riqueza gracias al Galaxy S3

La compañía Samsung obtiene un gran éxito de ventas gracias a sus teléfonos inteligentes, en especial su nuevo modelo Galaxy S3, que ha brindado por tercer trimestre consecutivo un récord histórico en el beneficio neto al gigante surcoreano Samsung, en plena batalla con Apple por el dominio de este prolífico sector. Leer mas..

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How to get lots of traffic to your new website?

Ten free and easy ways to get lots of traffic to your new website.  Ok, so you just created a new website, so the next big step is to drive traffic, traffic and more traffic to your new site. Now the question is how? You don’t have money to pay for advertising, just like me… Leer más »

Rap battle between Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney – Video.

Lets see, who’s a better rapper?  Barack Obama sound like that Korean guy, Psy and his Gangnam Style and Mitt Romney sound like Eminem. The following video is really funny, is a tight fight Obama vs. Romney the kings of hip hop. Who’s a better rapper?   Uploaded by ERB

Azealia Banks – 212 ft. Lazy Jay Video

Azealia Banks got a unique style, she’s really cute and sexy, her voice is amazing, great for what she do, she follows the music, hey this girl got talent. This video is from last year but I can’t stop watching it today, so I decided to post this video in Nuestronet> I have to admit… Leer más »

Check Page Rank the easy way.

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iPhone proprietors having problems with date and time bug

iPhone proprietors have begun informing a bug that has their devises showing the incorrect date and time, a U.S. tech website reports. Most of dissatisfaction appear to be coming from Verizon iPhone subscribers, Tom’s Hardware Guide reported Friday. Read more…

Have you seen an upside down head animal?

This is a crazy real video about a sheep with an upside down head. Take a good look at the video and you’ll see this weird animal eating his grass. Bizarre sheep with an upside down head Video published by jonmillsswns