The creator of McAfee Anti-Virus wanted for murder.

Belize police are searching for John McAfee. Mr McAfee, who amassed a fortune by building the anti-virus company that bears his name, has homes and businesses in the Central American country where police say he has lived for at least two years. American man was shot in the head. The Belize police department has reached… Leer más »

Taylor Swift does not like to wear the pants in the relationship.

Taylor Swift says that her relationships need “to be equal.” “If I feel too much like I’m wearing the pants, I start to feel uncomfortable and then we break up,” she tells the mag, while also admitting that relationships are “the ultimate collaboration.” Read more…

Masaje nudista con estiramiento a una linda chica.

Masaje erótico. El masaje empieza con estiramiento y presión en el bello cuerpo de una chica de nombre Sonya. El video de masaje erótico, de mas de 7 minutos, muestra la capacidad de un hombre desnudo masajear a una bella dama también desnuda sin tener que llegar a lo extremo. Masaje con dedicación y concentración.… Leer más »

Google has been obstructed in China. is currently blocked in China, according to watchdog group  “It’s the first time since we started tracking online censorship in China in February last year that this has happened,” the group said in a Friday blog post. Read more…  

Rihanna and Chris Brown – Nobodies Business

Rihanna and Chris Brown telling everybody: Nobodies Business Together on more time with they’re new single hit Nobodies Business. Rihanna – Nobodies Business ft. Chris Brown (Preview)   Published by ninjaz1105

A Chinese guy sued his wife for having an unattractive baby.

Feng, a resident of northern China, met and married a beautiful woman, and they had a baby girl. That’s when things reportedly got, um, ugly. Feng was so sure of his own good looks, so crushed by the wrinkly ugly mess that was handed to him in a swaddle, that he decided to sue his… Leer más »

Degenerated man raped his niece while her father watched

USA: Police say Dustin Alton Kent raped his niece, then 13, in 2008. The girl’s father, who committed suicide in June, allegedly said he’d take her to the pet store and instead picked up Kent, whom he is said to have watched rape his daughter. Read more…

iPad Mini sold out in New York City after hurricane Sandy.

On Thursday, just one soul was lined up at Apple’s Fifth Avenue store, braving the hurricane-induced traffic snarls and lack of transportation to make sure he had Apple’s latest gadget. (Hopefully he had some place to charge it.) But by Friday, Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune reported, hundreds had lined up. Read more…