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This is my Name…I don’t hide. FOR WHAT!!!

I don’t care! Forward this to Ben, Pam and Ivette. I don’t care if you’re reading this or not. FORWARD IT NOW NOT LATER!  I DARE YOU! SUPER DARE!  TRIPLE DARE! TRUTH OR DARE!  I’m giving you TRUTH! Look, I Strongly Recommend to “ALL REMAINING WORBUCKS AGENTS” to call the Real Estate Commission on what to… Leer más »

Google Glass Critics

Everyone has an opinion about Google Glass. Some fears are justified since, as a culture, we don’t have a pristine history of social etiquette always catching up to technology (see: loud-mouth cellphone users). But, as XKCD points out, this doesn’t absolve us of the right to say something intelligent and offer a reasonable path forward… Leer más »

Best Seo Services at very low prices.

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